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Re: Yosemite for C&C or Play

No, PSE doesn't include Bridge.  I agree it did have a yellow-green colour cast which I've tried to correct below.  I have a feeling that Lightroom may be in my future!

Many thanks -- I always enjoy your work.


Pixel Poetry wrote:

ArtMar wrote:

Many thanks for your offer; but I don't unfortunately, have Lightroom. I have PSE 10, with the Curvemeister plug-in which gives me access to individual colour channels in LAB, CMYK, and HSB spaces, in addition to RGB.

Did you use RGB colour channels for colour adjustment?

This is the best I could do below using LAB -- (didn't get very far in RGB); getting rid of the magenta tint was difficult I found. I Like the differentiated tonal qualities of your version very much.

Thanks again,


Pixel Poetry wrote:

The picture looked washed out and cold, the subject is great it just need it some adjustments like lowering the exposure, increasing contrast, making a white balance adjustment and adjusting individual colors.

All was done with Lightroom 4.3, let me know if you have it and I can send you the adjustments as a preset for you to apply to the same picture, this way you can see exactly what I did.

I have never used elements so don't know the tools available, does elements include bridge?

that could probably be similar to lightroom.

In lightroom you don't use channels that much but it does have the HSL wich is a combination between RGB and CMYK plus orange and purple that can make individual color adjustments and not affect the entire image.

What I see from your version looks really good except that it has a greenish yellow color cast, maybe you can use a color sample in elements to make adjustments with the HSB to make it a little more neutral.

You mentioned magenta but I don't see it, maybe trying to fix that is what made it greenish yellow.

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