so what was the big Nikon announcement?

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Re: Playstation 4 !!!! Yawn...

Stephan Def wrote:

Actually a halfway decent state of the art Notebook will run circles around the PS4, admittedly the Notebook will cost somewhat more but not THAT much more and a serious performance crazy Gamer will be happy to pay a little more to be at the cutting edge ....

This is an interesting trend reversal in the Gaming Scene, it used to be that Gaming consoles were like state of the art undercover Supercomputers, and usually sold at a loss, just to be able to get market share and sell games. I don't think with the cheap AMD Chips inside that Sony will have to sell them at a loss anymore, even at cutthroat prices... Times are a changin...

Edit: Spelling

How can you not be excited? Sony is going to put some mediocre outdated hardware in a box....put in protections so you can't buy, rent or borrow previously used games....and will have no backward compatibility so you can throw out your old PS3 games (Oh yeah, but you'll be able to re-buy them from their classics server).

You know, every time I get upset with Nikon I need to just look at a Sony press release to feel better.

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