It's Nikon 5200 on par with full frame?

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Re: It's Nikon 5200 on par with full frame?

FTH wrote:

rockjano wrote:


I can only compare the pics from DPReview and IR Comparometer and that shows about 1-1,5stop better ISO.

I don't really see difference at ISO100-200. No more resolution, no better tonality, no better contrast. But if you have both cameras I would be really interested about some comparison. I might be wrong about it.

Important thing is that we should never ever compare JPG's. It is absolutely possible that the JPG engine of the lower cam's are just not the same, we should compare RAW with same converter and same settings.

If you can make some comparison with using same settings and same lens and share the RAW file I would be greatful



Hi Jano, I will try to compare the D600 vs D5100 and D3200 (same lens) this weekend for you.

After shooting a few events (6K of shots) on both D5100 and D3200, my overall conclusion was that the D5100 sensor outperforms the D3200 especially regarding color rendition, and depth. D3200 files looked pretty muddy, especially after 400 ISO. This can also be related to the 14bit processing vs 12bit, so the D5200 might outperform both cameras.

Thanks FTH

Thanks a lot.

Yeah probably the 3200 has less specs not just the different sensor. There must be a reason why Nikon used a different sensor with the D5200. And it is a big question what they will use in the D7100.

I am waitiung for the pics if you can share some RAW files that would be the best. Some darker shots would be interesting, on the DPreview and IR comparometer sites we can only compare studio pictures with good lightening.

It is possible that in dark scenes the FF sensor works better.

Thanks again and waiting for the pics


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