EF-M 22mm soft at f2.0?

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Re: EF-M 22mm soft at f2.0?

This is very strange. My 22mm is very sharp wide open. In your case, I'd send it back to Canon or exchange.

Something is really wrong.

2envision wrote:

Just last week bought an EOS-M with EF-M 18-55 and EF-M 22. I like it :-).

Started using the 18-55 and loved it. I hadn't really tried the 22mm until a few nights ago. I took a few shots at f2 indoors and when looking at them later noticed they were blurry.

The internet is telling me this is a sharp lens even at f2, e.g. slrgear. And all the f2 samples I've downloaded seem sharp.

Anyone else had this experience? I'm guessing its just an issue with my lens but I just wanted to check. I'll take it back to Canon and see what they say.

Here are a shots that show the difference between f2 and f4.

Canon EF-M 22mm @ f2 on tripod

Canon EF-M 22mm @f4 on tripod

Canon EF-M 22mm @f4 handheld

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