orange/red thing in the corner of the picture

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Re: orange/red thing in the corner of the picture

viking79 wrote:

Fuzzfuzz wrote:

I just did a firmware update to 1.12 and it seems that the problem disapeared. Just hope its not only temporerily.

Also, do you recall if you had long shutter speed noise reduction enabled or not? That could make a problem like that go away for longer exposures if it is heat related.

It's disabled and is still disebled.

The reason I as asking about ISO 12800 earlier, is they are doing software manipulation to reach ISO 12800 so it will just exaggerate any effect that might be there at lower ISO. It wasn't that you shouldn't shoot at that, more of just a statement that anything in ISO 3200 will probably be amplified 2 fold (so don't expect great results there).

In normal use i have never use more then iso 3200 but as you can se on the last picture there is still problems there

What is the native iso on the nx1000?

I agree, it does look like some sort of hot spot, so maybe test again in a dark room, and try different shutter speeds, something less than 1 second, around 1 second, and greater than 1 second, and also note long shutter speed noise reduction setting as if it is heat issue it will go away with that.

Did it today and i still havent produced the red thing.

edit: Oh, you said it only happened when shooting high FPS shooting at high ISO? That is a setting I never use, so can't comment if I have seen it or not (I haven't noticed anything like that). At high FPS mode it might do less processing on the images, and reading the sensor faster could mean more noise (it generates more heat and requires higher clock frequencies) so it might be more likely to occur in such a situation.

Yes, that was my thought too, just wantet to know if it was normal for the noise to appear.

But when i bought the camera i was hopping it would work correctly on iso 3200 when shoting with high fps

Also, you didn't mention what lens you were using (or I missed it), that might help. Manual lenses with adapters could have a light leak. Or if it truly went away it was probably just a firmware bug where they weren't processing the image correctly or something.


hmm...i probelby missed it, I have used 20-50, 20mm, and pk adapter and no noticeable different between the lenses.

The time will tell if the firmware fixed it but im fortunate to have the swedish samsung service center pretty near me and that is the best service center i have had contact with(they are also for pentax and they fix problems in just two days)

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