Pagefile size on system w/256gb ssd and 32GB RAM?

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Re: Pagefile size on system w/256gb ssd and 32GB RAM?

Sean Nelson wrote:

tocar wrote:

With such a great configuration why would you want to limit the pagefile? You won't see significant speed by adjusting the pagefile.

One of the problems of having a pagefile, at least with Windows XP, was that the system tended to boot active programs out of memory in order to cache file reads and writes. That meant that if you did a huge file copy you'd end up with big waits when switching back to active programs again. If you have a huge enough file to copy, it doesn't matter how big your page file is, programs will be forced out of memory. And for a one-time file copy the caching is utterly useless because the file is never accessed again.

I don't know if this is still an issue in Windows 7, but I avoided the issue by getting enough memory to put everything into RAM and eliminate the page file altogether. I've never looked back since then.

I'm sorry Sean, but that was true when RAM was slow and HDD's were the only option.  SSD's are very different and when combined with lots of fast RAM, pagefile is not a problem.  While disabling the pagefile is actually counter productive.

I have recently started looking into something else, but I haven't tried it yet.  I would suggest to the OP if he is really concerned with the pagefile location: how about give ramdisk a try?  This is where you set aside part of your RAM for actual OS pagefile and disable the drive's pagefile.  So let's say from your current 32GB of RAM, I don't think you will miss 6.  Download a freeware program like dataram ramdisk and see if it works out for you?


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