revisiting old E-3 images with LR4: WOW! (share your experience please)

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John Mason
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People throw raws away?

But, that's like film!!  I keep the raws and only create JPGs of the few I'm outputting.

I use DXO, Lightroom and Capture One - all have made significant improvements in the last few years.

All three had upgrades in the last year and all were quite significant.  DXO, for instance, now has a default HDR recovery that tends to make most pictures more acceptable at first glance, though sometimes I turn it off.

Part of the raw converter choices these day also boils down to which one does the most painless lens corrections especially in the m4/3 world as most of those lenses absolutely require a lot of correction since they are not doing it optically in the lenses so much anymore.

Of the 3 I'm finding I'm using DXO most - but at times for critical shots it's hard to beat LR.  They seem to have a different approach to color that in some shots just does not seem to be able to be beat.
I like the workflow best in Capture One, but with the lack of true lens correction I'm using it less and less as I shot more with lenses that require correction.

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