Which 50mm lens to buy?

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Re: Which 50mm lens to buy?

"niche lens for those that want crazy thin DoF"?  That doesn't make much sense when you are comparing a 50 F/1.4 to a 50 F/1.2

50mm, with a subject distance of 5 ft:

F/1.2 DoF = 2.52"

F/1.4 DoF = 3"

My grandfather used to say "that's like pickin' fly sh1t out of pepper".  In my opinion that qualifies both as being in the "crazy thin DoF" arena.

Personally, I shopped 50's for a long time and labored over the decision as I'm want to do sometimes.  In the end I found the bokeh of the 50L F/1.2 far more compelling than the Sigma (that was the deciding factor for me).  The Sigma would have been an easy second choice had I not been able to afford/attain the 50L.


ktownbill wrote:

ilya82 wrote:

Hi. Recently I got my 6D, my first FF camera (I m not taking in account many years with film :))

It made me an appetite for some "soul" lens, and what can be more "soul" than 50mm?

Currently, I own 17-40, 24-105 and 85/1.8

So, the question is - which 50 mm AF lens is the best, on your opinion?

Thank you.

Most will agree that the Canon 50mm f/1.4 and f/1.8 are soft wide open and are poorly constructed. After reading reviews and opinions I found many to hold the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 in high regard. It is said to be sharper wide open than the Canon's. Some are reporting focusing issues and many of those issues were resolved by Sigma.

I bought the Sigma 50 and have no problems with it other than it needed a 1 time MFA adjustment in the camera menu on my 7D and no MFA needed on my 5DM3.

My Sigma is soft but useable at f/1.4 and razor sharp at f/2

I consider the 50L to be a niche lens for those that want crazy thin DoF. I don't know if the 50L is slow focusing like it's brother the 85L?

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