Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Yes. Why? Why not?

Strange question. Why shouldn´t I use a DSLR? If size and weight would matter I would take a P&S. I also have some small and light-weight P&S which I use as addition but nothing can replace my DSLR. Shutter lag, focussing, viewfinder and others are reasons why I stick to my 650D which I got a few months ago. The difference in size between a 650D kit and one of these mirrorless cams with pseudo-rangefinder body style with their kit lens isn´t that big. And I don´t have problems with slow AF, poor lens selection(NEX) and other stuff like this. I tried several mirrorless cams but all felt to me like half-assed toys for different reasons. There are still people that weight IQ higher than having the smallest camera possible. Some people might praise their ILC with pancake or even smartphones in the skies but I don´t care.

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