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Re: Now we need a serious sports camera to go with the lens.

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garykohs wrote:

But what we need is a true sports camera to go with this lens. The A77 is great in good light but seriously challenged at ISOs above 3200. The A99 is fine at ISOs up to 12,800 but six frames per second isn't going to cut it as a serious sports camera. And that's really sad because Sony could have made it a great sports camera with more processing power and a boost to the buffer.

I have high hope on A78 with new 20MP sensor. With features like auto ISO in manual, AF-D, clean ISO3200/useable 6400, and 20 MP crop sensor for deeper buffer, that sounds like what A77 should be originally. Time will tell.

I'm skeptical about the 20MP sensor, even assuming Sony would include it in an A78. If the max ISO is 16000 (which is what is reported for the A58) then I doubt it is substantially better than the 24 MP sensor at high ISOs. I think if it were substantially better Sony would offer ISO 25,600 on the A58. I'm very disappointed by that specification but we will see what the pictures look like.

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