Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

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Re: Wrong question

Michael Firstlight wrote:

So its rather simple, decide. Decide if you are going to compete in a commoditized sector or one that isn't, or some combination of the two, but don't put your head in the and and pretend it isn't happening or bitch about it - it just is.

Or ask one simple question: Art or Craft: What do I get paid for? If the answer is the latter you're replaceable. If you're basically going through the motions a computer and/or a marginally trained human can do the same job cheaper. What kind of skill is the customer supposed to pay for?
Selling ideas or emotions and coincidally using photo/video to capture them earns as much money as ever - because you -and not an algorithm- do the job.
Not too dissimilar to the introduction of the assembly line.

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