how worthwhile is fine tuning?

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Re: how worthwhile is fine tuning?

MMuddler wrote:

I had three of the (really) old versions before new coatings and way before stabilization. Two went back thru Sigma and were discarded as unacceptable... first one had inconsistent/unstable focus, the second was too far backfocused to work on my D70. At that time I hypothesized about designing a digital ( versus analog/shim ) adjustment built into the camera to make incremental/trimming focus adjustments. Daves632 (??? from Oz) and I had discussions about it in dpreview. Other folks thought we were nuts. Holy cow! Nikon came out with the D300 a year or so later with that very function. Fortunately my third copy of the 120-300 (thanks to my retailer in Levittown PA) worked okay w/o AF tuning.... and then shortly after I bought my first D300.

Unfortunately my third copy died by drowning. I am quietly fading into the sunset with copy number four.

Wow, death by drowning sux....  4 copies....  I've only had one.  I'm trying to remember how old mine is, but ATM, simply can't remember when I bought it.  My best guess is around 2005 or 06 because I was shooting a lot of hockey at the time, in places where they hadn't heard of electric lights.....

I remember old Dave.  He was a fun guy, but I haven't seen a post from him in a long time.  Maybe it was you 2 guys talking about the 120-300 that persuaded me to buy one.

I'm curious as to how you adjust your 120-300.  I assume that you do the adjustment for the long end.


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