D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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My technique...

Rudy_from_Canada wrote:

Out of curiosity, why not focus manually via LV and see how much sharper your images can get? At the very least, you should be able to get a good reference point for the techs if you send the body back with the same lens...

primeshooter wrote:

I am at the end of the scale, don't know if I could achieve sharper results.

My technique after trying FoCal and Horshack's method:

Assume LV manual focus gives best focus for Cam/Lens/FL/Aper/Illum.

Critical focus using manual LV and take picture. This is your reference for best focus.

Change to PDAF and take picture with current AF Fine Tune value. Helps to use LR4 in tether mode. Critically evaluate PDAF photo w/r reference photo.

Adjust AF Fine Tune by zeroing in (values both sides of optimum) until you achieve photo similar to LV reference photo. This can be done on computer images or with camera playback with LCD zoomed in to next to last zoom increment.

Using this method I know that the pictures taken will be in optimum focus with no guess by taking an average value. I have double and triple checked in both incandescent and sun light and both agree to the same setting for optimum focus.

Results trinity lenses:

14-24 2.8 -18

24-70 2.8 -3

70-200 2.8 +2

With the 14-24 the results with FoCal Pro were too variable to get good results and with Horshack too wide to trust average.

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