First Week Shooting with E-PL5

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Re: First Week Shooting with E-PL5

Great portraits and lighting! The little 14-42 IIR kit lens is better than alot of people give it credit for and only $50 more than cost of just the EPL5 body, makes for a really small setup. Your results with the 45/1.8 should be stunning!!!

petersolymosi wrote:

ramitche wrote:

btw, what are you using for B&W in PP? (or are these B&W jpgs OOC?)

Thanks for the kind words. The 45/1.8 is probably the next lens I will get but it won't be for a little while yet. All these photos were shot raw and then converted to B&W in Lightroom - which is also new to me but after years of using Photoshop has been pretty easy to learn.

The thing I love about this new camera is the portability. I just can't get over the amazing functionality in such a small package!

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