How confident are you in your u4/3 kit?

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Re: How confident are you in your u4/3 kit?

Uncle Frank wrote:

My wife and I are headed to Newport Beach this Sunday for a 7 day visit with my son's family, and it's the first time I don't feel an urge to lug the big rig (d700 + fast glass). With my recent buys and trades, I feel like I finally have a complete but lightweight u4/3 kit. I've got a Roki 7.5mm fisheye for reality bending wide angle, two fast midrange primes, a tele-zoom with lots of reach, and a good flash. The weak link is the dated 12MP sensor in my beautiful Oly e-p3, but I'll try to work around it by capping iso at 800.

What's your mirrorless kit, and how confident are you in it?

I have lots of stuff. D700 v EP3? I'd be confident that the oly kit will weigh a lot less than the Nikon gear, and will be considerably noisier and have less DR. I'd also be confident that if the going got tough, I'd miss more shots with it.

I'd have less confidence in guessing what the final decision would be as to whether the weight and size saving was worth it. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't.

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