Focal Points on a D600

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Re: Focal Points on a D600

Hi AllOtherNames,

What does suggestion #3 do?  Also, does focus speed differ depending on the number of points selected?  I typically focus using my central point and recompose... would I lock quicker if I jused used a single point?

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

Hermy wrote:

Am I doing something wrong or is it just the way the D600 focuses, the focal points seem to jump all over the place and takes time to actually focus on your subject and it does not stay there all the time.

I love the way my D300s focuses, wish the D600 would do the same.

Sounds like you have it in AF-A mode or 3D tracking. Personally I wouldn't use either for most situations.

Try this:

1) set to AF-C

2) Select 9 or 21pt focus area mode, whatever you prefer

3) Go into the AF options and turn focus delay with lock-on OFF

It should be better than your D300 with those settings - mine is

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