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Re: Does anyone even consider an electronic adapter besides us geeks?

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Thanks - and I have actually started toying with the idea of getting a speedbooster,though I think if I am to buy new glass, maybe the Leica-R version is more interesting (and cheaper!)

Agreed - you pick your glass, or have it, before you get your Speed Booster. I am not sure - does the Leica-R version talk to the camera body? Does it drive IS? - not sure whether Leica-R does IS.

Leica-R SB does not speak to camera. It is just a mechanical adapter with optical group. There is no Leica R lens with IS anyway, and all Leica R lenses feature aperture ring.

ie: the Leica-R version is bound to be cheaper, does not "do" EXIF nor does it talk to the camera in any way except through light channels.

Such an adapter would have it's uses however it just becomes how much more the Speed Booster glass is worth over a conventional dumb adapter that leaves the crop factor at x1.5 and does not give that extra stop in light value.  However the Cannybone SB works very well in manual focus mode and there should be no reason why this  is not replicated in the Leica-R version (Likarbone? grin).

The Speed Booster for Canon EF is not a demon with AF and it's use in that regard is limited but it may in time pick up good AF with a firmware update. It does do MF very well using all the NEX tools including focus peaking and can be set up for magnified focus auto-assist.

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