Anyone else notice e-Bay prices going up for FF lenses?

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Re: Anyone else notice e-Bay prices going up for FF lenses?

> If, for example, you spend $800 on an FA 24, and Pentax release
> a new and improved lens for say $1000, surely you'd be wondering
> if that was good value?

That's a pretty big "if". The current lenses are "known quantities". You know what you are getting for the money (lots of image examples out there to sample). If you decide that image quality is worth $X then a pie-in-the-sky lens that isn't even available to compare now isn't worth anything. In any event, you can shoot with the Known Quanity lens AT LEAST from today until the new lens might replace it. That fictitious lens you speak of remains to be seen, and certainly can't do anything for you today... or tomorrow... and all of the tomorrows between now and whenever that new lens is actually available for purchase.

One can wait forever for what "might" be coming. Or one can "get on with it" and make purchase decisions based upon what's here right now. Pentax shooters are particularly fortunate to have a plethora of lens choices going all the way back to m42 screwmount lenses (some of these are among my personal favorites).

Food for thought.

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