Quality of Light (studio strobes, speedlites)

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Re: Quality of Light (studio strobes, speedlites)

I happen to agree with your "known photographer", and looking at his work, I would tend to put anything he says ahead of what I read in this forum.
I've worked in a few studios that had different lights, the most extreme being a shop that had both Broncolors and Normans.
Color temperature aside, there is a difference in the quality of light from different heads and manufacturers. I think that that's a recognized fact everywhere in the industry except, it seems here, where the common wisdom is that "light is light".
Not so, you see it yourself when you say, "I said WOW!, the light have a metallic like color [specularity], the subjects looks better and have a good texture definition."
I say, trust your own eye and the wisdom of someone who has definitely proven themselves.
Further, IMHO, the cost or size of the head aren't the deciding factor. Speedotron packs, for instance, produce a wonderful light and so do many portable flashes.
Good luck!

Sorry if I hurt anybody's feelings, I'm not here to troll...

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