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lsanto wrote:

Hi cplittleton,

Please forgive my English in this post. Your question is one that I return to a lot in my mind every time I’m planning a trip. I’m always in doubt. I think there are some important factors involved, like how hard it is the access the target areas in a region, security conditions, the quality of the photo tours offered and transportation available.

So, research is the key factor for me, as I believe it is for all of us travel photogs. The amount of info I get from the web, online forums and other photogs is decisive most of the times. I don’t travel much (twice a year maximum) but I start planning the trip eight or ten months before.

For my two trips to Patagonia (2011 Atlantic Argentina and last January Pacific Chile) I found the photo tours available in my home country Brazil (and also in Chile and Argentina) were not ideal, although the teachers were great. I found them very limited in terms of locations visited and very pricy.

So I went for the second option you describe and arranged the tour through professional travel agents and top local guides that were referred to me.

It was rewarding but a little trickier sometimes. In one occasion (Peninsula Valdes in Argentina) I have to switch the prearranged tours and local agencies when I arrived, due to climate conditions, and getting a refund was a nuisance. But that was only one time.

In the end this scheme got me more flexibility and allowed me to change plans on the go. I did the same when I went to the US last year, but it was just cities, no National Parks (yet!).

Now I’m planning two trips to our local “jungles”, Amazon River and Pantanal region, but as research is making clear I have to go the other way, and get into "photo safaris" with good teachers these times. These regions are trickier and very isolated, so relying in experience photogs with field experience in this places will be essential, I think.

All the best.

Hi Isanto:  Your first sentence was a dead giveaway that English is not your native language, but the remainder most certainly was not.  No need for that introductory sentence.

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