How confident are you in your u4/3 kit?

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Re: How confident are you in your u4/3 kit?

Uncle Frank wrote:

My wife and I are headed to Newport Beach this Sunday for a 7 day visit with my son's family, and it's the first time I don't feel an urge to lug the big rig (d700 + fast glass). With my recent buys and trades, I feel like I finally have a complete but lightweight u4/3 kit. I've got a Roki 7.5mm fisheye for reality bending wide angle, two fast midrange primes, a tele-zoom with lots of reach, and a good flash. The weak link is the dated 12MP sensor in my beautiful Oly e-p3, but I'll try to work around it by capping iso at 800.

What's your mirrorless kit, and how confident are you in it?

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Warm regards, Frank
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It depends on the destination of how much or little to take.

I have both the Panasonic GH-3 & GX-1 with all Panasonic lenses: 7-14, 12-35, 35-100, 25 1.4, and 45 2.8. I kept my 45-200 but it gets zero use now, but if I needed the long end for something specific I have it. 95% of everything can be done with the 12-35 & 35-100 and the other lenses are for speciality needs depending on the locations.

I will take a waterproof p&s for some things and if I know I want to shoot video and not worry it will be the GH-3. If not and I want to really pack small the GX-1 is still a great camera until we see what the GX-2 will have.

The GH-3 is made out by Olympus users as I read various comments as a big and bulky DSLR camera, but its not. The size is DSLR like, but the weight is really nothing, my Nikon D90 was heavier. The Panasonic GH-3 does not need the vertical grip like the OMD needs it to make it feel like a camera you can hold onto from comments I have seen.

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