Correct pronunciation of Nikon

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Re: I hear ya.......but

Dave Oddie wrote:

I live on the England and Wales border and I went to Uni in Wales many moons ago at Aberystwyth.

If I telephoned home I would, being a poor student at the time, reverse the call charges. When I did the operator would ask where I was calling from and would use the English pronunciation of Aberystwyth by which I mean the "y" is pronounced as an "i". The operator never failed to correct me by saying it back to me as Aberustwuth with the "y" being pronounced as a "u".


The best phonetic spelling I can come come up with is langothlen but the double "L" i.e. "Ll" at the start of the word is almost "cl" as you say it in a guttural back of the throat sort of way.

The fact my wife was accused of racism just shows how OTT some people can be as regards pronunciation but this does depend where in the world you are to a degree.


LOL ... Dave, got to hand it to you ... all your attempts at trying to describe how to pronounce the various Welsh words correctly are as wrong as a wrong thing that's gone spectacularly wronger 

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