Goodbye Nikon after 28 years ...

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Re: Goodbye Nikon after 28 years ...


Funnily enough you echo many of my feelings.

Nikon currently do not make a camera I wish to purchase

I miss those days of simplicity; well they were to me. I shoot RAW. I want a camera that is shutter priority, aperture priority, manual and that has a good meter and I can auto bracket and exposure compensate for. I am not sure if I even want autofocus, other than my eyes are bad and I wear varifocals which can make manual focus awkward. I also want good IQ and want good low light abilities. There are other things I want, but these are to do with how I take photographs.

I really do not know what camera system to go for. A Nikon D400 is of interest, as is the potential Canon EOS 7D Mark II. The thing is both of these cameras offer too much that I would not use.

I have looked at a number of camera systems recently and none of them meet my needs closely enough. The Leica M10 might, but then I would only be able to afford the camera body and one lens. The Olympus OM-D E-M5 gets close, but not close enough. A few others, ditto.

I feel I shall have to wait.

Big reason I do not really want to be forced to a full frame camera is due to weight and size of both the cameras and the lenses.

Funnily enough I am even tempted to get my Canon T90 refurbished and use that - other than the fact I would need to get the films processed and then digitised.

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