Pany 20 1/7, Olympus 45/18 on E-PL3 vs Tamron 17-50 on Nikon D300s

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Re: Pany 20 1/7, Olympus 45/18 on E-PL3 vs Tamron 17-50 on Nikon D300s

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steppenwolfer wrote:

Yeah I agree with you. I did further testing and my lens behaves the same. But I don't like the fact that I bought this lens for low light and portrait photography in mind and it turns out I have to stop it to 2.8 to get sharp photo. At 2.8 dof is wider and there is also difference in shutter speed. From the hype I noticed on-line I expected this lens to be better wide open. But on the other hand it is cheap and still way faster than kit lens at 42mm.

I still plan to check close focus sharpness - as in portrait photography. If anyone already did this, please share results.

My Olympus 45mm was bitingly sharp even wide open. In fact it was so sharp that i found it too sharp for portraits without pp as pictures turned into skin imperfection studies even with people in their mid 20s.

So if yours in anything close to "soft" wide open then i would say you have a bad copy.

I don't have experience with this lens, but the samples in this thread have object distances in tens of metres, whilst you are talking about a couple of metres or even one metre. Could the lens be designed to be optimal for portrait distance and not too hot wide open at infinity?

After my experiment with pine trees I too started to suspect that lens is optimized for close range when wide open. Today i did some quick and dirty try with object of similar size as human head and I think in such case difference between 1.8 and 2.8 is very small. To me that is good news, but will need little more time to do some more experimenting...

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