D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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body swap?

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It's interesting to read this. My 800E, focused perfectly out of the box -- no left AF problem at all. I felt very lucky because it was an early one. But I do have the "it auto-focuses at different distances in different light" issue.

But there's good news (at least in my case). I've found that the focus is consistent in consistent light. If I fine tune AF in tungsten and then shoot in tungsten, it's right on. If I fine tune in daylight and shoot in daylight, it's also right on. But if I fine tune AF in tungsten and shoot in daylight, it's way off.

It's never been to big a deal for me because I rarely use AF, but I can see how it could drive someone that relies on it nuts.

Primeshooter: are you fine tuning and testing/shooting in similar light?


Hi Pat. Tuning in the same light I am shooting in yeah. I am just hacked off that I am at the end of the scale - yes I can leave it at +20 but why should it be like this, seriously?

Seriously, if the camera did not have AF Fine Tune and the factory had to set the camera to an effective +20 you would never know it. You would go on taking pictures getting good results. Practically, what difference does it make if the pictures are in focus?

Well, if you read the manual you will see that setting high values of tuning can affect infinity focus. Also, being at the end of the range, I cannot see if a little more adjustment in the same direction would give sharper results. This is an expensive camera...it might have a great sensor but if it cannot focus reliably like the last generation, it's not worth much. This is why it's so important to me. I may try using the default setting, which if there is no specific lens setting, apparently works much more. Ie if a lens needs +20, on the default scale it would need about +8 only, then I could tune further if you get what I mean.

I forget, are you out of your return window? If so, how did you not notice this while you were in your return window? (not being critical, just wondering, and the answer could be "I didn't shoot much then, I was busy.")

Anyway, even if it's outside of the window, have you considered demanding a replacement body? You are in contact with Nikon now, you have their ear, there may be a manager who will simply swap out the body for a new one if you become vocal and insistent.

I really hope you get resolution, I know you like to shoot your primes as I do and you're missing out on the greatest camera I've yet used


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