First impressions from the S2

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Re: First impressions from the S2

Daedalus2000 wrote:

It's really not all that complicated. It's why you will never be able to match the super shallow DOF of a fast FF prime with a m43 prime. Do you have a link to these "tables"?

It's why people spend $$$$$$ of dollars on these long tele FF primes like a 300 f/2.8 for a Canon or Nikon. Olympus will never be able to produce the subject isolation that you can get with a 300mm FF prime for example as they aren't going to have a 150mm f/1.4 EVER.

Don't think that that .8 crop on the Leica S2 is going to be THAT different than a FF camera the sensor isn't that much bigger. It's a .8 is what it is. I don't know what these "tables" say but it's the same old discussion you get when you compare FF to APS-C or m43. It is what it is. Not good. Not bad. It is what it is.

Hi again and thanks for taking the time to respond. I do not understand why you put the word tables in quotes... I can only guess that you are questioning their existence or validity, which I find amazing because I am sure that you know that any serious lens company publishes the characteristics of their lenses.

So here they are for the summilux 50 for the M9 and for the 70mm Summarit-S for the S2. Have a look and while you are there enjoy the beautiful MTF graphs as well.

If you check the tables you will see that for the same distance the S2 with the 70mm gives you the same DOF as the M9 with the 50mm at 2 stops less. That is all I stated and that is what you can see in the tables. It is simpler maybe to look at the last row and match the first number in the dof focused at infinity.

So I do not think it is as simple as you think it is....

Nothing was meant by putting "tables" in quotes I just wasn't sure what you meant by it.

I'm not sure where the data for those tables were acquired but it is a simple fact that you can compare the equivalent DOF of two different formats by a simple ratio of the lens focal length and f/stop.  It only gives you info on what an equivalent DOF would be with two different formats, nothing more.  The simple fact that the ratio of a FF to your S2 is .8.

"So the bottom line - and all you really need to know - is that DOF is inversely proportional to format size"

None of this is new....arguments go round and round on the m43 forums all the time.  All I am saying is that it is nowhere near two stops difference for the S2.  It's math and physics...nothing you need to look up data on tables.  Try some online DOF calculators if you can find one with S2 data and you will see.

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