How confident are you in your u4/3 kit?

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Re: How confident are you in your u4/3 kit?

I like the compactness of the Pen models, and think yours looks good in black.

My kit is a silver E-M5 (because I wanted some Panny lenses and the barrel colour doesn't match Oly black bodies - fussy, I know) and two pairs of lenses: the 12-35 and 35-100 2.8 Lumix optics for when I want to use zooms, and the 12 2.0 and 60 2.8 macro Zuikos (both black, for purely aesthetic reasons, I admit) for when I prefer to go with primes (the idea being to have one lens on the body, the other in a pocket, and thus go without a gadget bag). In addition I have four spare batteries (battery life being the Achilles' heel of EVF cameras) and a second charger, so if I use four batteries in a day I can recharge them all in just two sessions, avoiding the need to get up several times overnight. Finally I have a 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro as my principal memory card, two Extreme 16GB ones for overflow and a few legacy class 6 cards. Recently I bought two A-data DashDrive shockproof/waterproof USB hard drives, which I'll use to archive and back up images from my main SD card(s) at the end of each day when travelling, avoiding the need to use my slower cards.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my kit as this is now my only digital camera system, meaning I have nothing else to shoot it with. The only time I'd want anything else would be if I did a lot of low light action photography, a situation in which PDAF is a distinct advantage. I do this kind of thing very rarely (I'm mainly a travel photographer) and I love the compactness and light weight of m43 so would rather lose out in those very rare situations than weigh myself down with a FF system.

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