Quick pool, em-5 or gh-3

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E-M5 for the size

GH3 looks like a very nice camera, but I switched to m43 for the smaller size. I was shopping first and foremost for a smaller camera (than my ASP-C DSLR) that I would feel comfortable carrying everywhere.

The other requirement I had was excellent image quality.

The E-M5 offers both of those things, plus a number of things that weren't on my list, but that I've learned to appreciate - weather-proofing, tough metal body, the stinkin' sexy shape, amazing IBIS that works with all lenses.

I'm not a big video shooter, and I find the E-M5 is perfect for my video needs. Here are the two rules for good video:

1. Shoot 1280x720 for camcorder videos (videos of family, parties, stuff that you want to save memories of, but where you aren't planning to create ART)

2. Shoot HD Motion JPEG if you want to make ART

The problems with 'muddiness' during fast movement crop up when you're shooting Full HD (1920x1080) MPGs. If you switch to 1280x720 for standard videos, the muddiness disappears.

Same with the HD Motion JPEG - this is higher quality than the Full HD 1920x1080 videos, but it also gets rid of the muddiness.

And that's it - the E-M5 is the bar-none best camera I have ever owned, for my needs. I take it with me every time I leave the house, and have taken almost 13,000 photos in the just under 10 months that I've had it. Lovin' every minute of it...


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