D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

Started Feb 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
PatFahey Regular Member • Posts: 453
Same here.

It's interesting to read this.  My 800E, focused perfectly out of the box -- no left AF problem at all.  I felt very lucky because it was an early one.  But I do have the "it auto-focuses at different distances in different light" issue.

But there's good news (at least in my case).  I've found that the focus is consistent in consistent light.  If I fine tune AF in tungsten and then shoot in tungsten, it's right on.  If I fine tune in daylight and shoot in daylight, it's also right on.  But if I fine tune AF in tungsten and shoot in daylight, it's way off.

It's never been to big a deal for me because I rarely use AF, but I can see how it could drive someone that relies on it nuts.

Primeshooter: are you fine tuning and testing/shooting in similar light?


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