Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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I can't believe you even asked!

of course, why on earth would I even consider any other camera! I use one for the following reasons:

1, Just being a "DSLR" ensures that my camera has magical IQ properties, as in the oft repeated statement "the IQ is not as good as a DSLR".

2, Being a DSLR means my camera has great C-AF capability, it means I can easily track a speeding bullet if I need to, whereas any other camera format would struggle to capture anything moving faster than a snail. This is a well known truism.

3, I can look like I know what I'm doing, because lets face it, if you don't use a DSLR you have amateur written all over yourself.

4, I can take still shots of my cat and org@sm looking at 100% magnification of said shot using a £2000 lens.

5, I have exclusive bragging rights over any user of a lesser camera, this means I can patronise users of smaller cameras until I'm blue in the face, happy days!

6, Even though people have been seeing clearly through a variety of optical devices for many years now, I can drone on endlessly about my huge optical viewfinder. I mean, what possible advantage could there be in seeing critical data in an electrical viewfinder, or a real time exposure, that's just crazy talk!

7, I can endlessly repeat the phrase "Yea but pro's use DSLR's....blah blah..." because lets face it, the user base of your chosen format completely dictates your ability to take a great photo.

8, The latest DSLR's have 20+ MP, you should see how great my photo's look on Facebook...freakin' awesome!

9, Size matters, I couldn't afford an expensive sports car so a big camera will have to do, aren't I right ladies

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