Quick pool, em-5 or gh-3

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Re: Quick pool : em-5 for me

rrr_hhh wrote:

I prefer the E-M5 :

  • the GH3 is too big
  • the Olympus user interface (menus, SCP, customizable buttons etc.) suits me better
  • the E-M5 has a remarkable IBIS
  • the GH3 lacks soul compared to the E-M5
  • the E-M5 had the best sensor when I got it 6 months ago and the GH3 doesn't offer more for still shooters.

I agree with all these points. For a keen video shooter, the GH-3 is possibly the best camera money can buy. Otherwise, I thnk the case for preferring the E-M5 is compelling.

In particular, a point hat shines through as a result of regular use is the intuitiveness and flexibility of the two control dials - one on the front of the right-hand side, the other on the back. Pretty much everything that matters can be driven from those dials - increasing or decreasing the exposure, changing the relationship between shutter speed and aperture, shifting the focus area - all with the camera to the eye.

Another feature I like is the EVF's ability to indicate areas likely to be burned out or lost in shadow. Combine that with setting one of the dials to control exposure compensation and there's no need to live with clipped highlights or blocked shadows.

But above all I like the fact that it's so small. When pared with high-performance Zuiko primes - which are, of course, stabilised only on Oly bodies - you have a small, light, metal-bodied, enthusiast system that reminds me of (hopefully this won't sound too sacreligious) my old Leica film camera.

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