NEX7n to be announced

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Re: NEX7n to be announced


IBIS is highly unlikely to ever show up on the NEX system. They've said as much, plus they're already enjoying charging a premium for lenses with OSS, and I doubt they'll stop that anytime soon.

To D Cox:

I'd be really interested to see where Panasonic and Sony actually are in their non-bayer sensor research. I doubt we'll see it in a NEX/m43 camera any time soon, but I've got my fingers crossed. The potential for IQ (with some obvious drawbacks at the moment) shown in the latest Foveon chips is just so freaking great that I have to believe  the big guys are working on it.

To Jim Funston:

I don't think that the NEX-7's failure is in its poor handling of wide-angle RF glass - Sony's under no obligation to make their cameras play nice with old third-party gear. Where it did fail, though, is in its poor handling of some of its own lenses. That's inexcusable in my opinion. Plus, if Sony would give us a quality WA prime, we wouldn't need to be out there buying Voigtlander 15mms!

As far as the early adopter thing goes...all of us mirrorless people are early adopters, are we not? Every one of the major systems still has some very big "growing pains" compromises - m4/3 still has a ways to go to catch up on high ISO performance, Sony's got the microlens issue and a still-not-great lens lineup, and Fuji has their (utterly crippling for some of us) RAW problem. Then there are the other four...Nikon and Pentax with their niche-product small sensors that need no further elaboration, Canon with its terrible AF (though that 22mm lens makes me jealous), and Samsung with its very intriguing but flawed NX system (some awesome lenses but giant uncompressed RAWs and sub-par high ISO performance). Most of us have bought into these cameras with the full knowledge that it's going to be a while before these systems reach DSLR-level maturity and that a "fills all of my needs" camera is a ways down the road. The NEX-7 wound up being my particular compromise, as the manual controls and sensor size put it ahead of m4/3 and the ease of RAW processing put it ahead of Fuji X (in honesty I'd strongly consider swapping my 7 for an XE-1 if that issue were resolved).

For me a new microlens array won't be enough to move up to a 7n/r, because I'm not much of a WA shooter (28mm equivalent is about as wide as I like to go, and the Sigma 19 does a good enough job), but I suspect that it'll but just right for lots of folks. In fact, I'd wager that that improvement alone would vault the 7n/r into the top spot on the "ticks the most boxes for the most people" list. High FPS, great manual controls, great EVF, great DR, average-for-APS-C high ISO performance, and 24MP without any serious flaws? Sounds good to me.

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