MX-1 studio shots up at Imaging Resource

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Re: MX-1 studio shots up at Imaging Resource

Rob13 wrote:

I'm using the "old" Olympus ZX-1 "still".

Out of curiosity I thought I'd see how the image compares at ISO 800 and 1600.

Although both have the same size sensor, but presumably the Pentax is newer(?), I was hard pressed to see much difference. Perhaps, I'm missing something? But it doesn't look like there's much difference between these images and those from the older ZX-1.

Do you think this camera (although it is newer) is producing better images that other cameras with similar-sized sensors?

What appealed to me about the MX-1 images was their sharpness, but as I see from the post from flektogon that doesn't appeal to everyone!

But I guess you are right - you could probably take the XZ-1 images or G15 images and sharpen them in pp (or turn up the jpg sharpening in camera) and achieve much the same result.

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