Canon 85mm f1.2L vs 85mm f1.2L II

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Re: Canon 85mm f1.2L vs 85mm f1.2L II

Hi, I was in the same boat, I ran across a very good condition used version 1 for about 900 dollars less than the price of a new version 2 lens. So I did some research to figure out what the difference between the two was. Here is a comparison between 85 1.2 I, II and 1.8 ...... which I found very useful.......

BTW, i went with a new Version II.

hope the article and the comparison helps.


mdg137 wrote:

After 11 months of dealing with Nikon customer support, I am starting to consider the switch over to Canon. My last EF mount body was a 1NRS, back in the 1990's, so obviously my experience with current EF lenses is less than optimal.

I am currently shooting mostly portraits and architecture.

Should I make the switch, I will be replacing my 1.4 primes (24mm, 25mm 50mm, and 85mm) with like Canon models.

In loooking at the 85mm f1.2, I cannot find any specifics on exactly what the differences are between the I and II versions other than faster autofocus and some minor flash communication with the body.

Are these the ony differences? Are the two versions optically the same?

Anyone who has owned both versions?

All thoughts are appreciated.

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