BIF's and birds. NEX-7, 500 and 800mm

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Re: BIF's and birds. NEX-7, 500 and 800mm

nzmacro wrote:

boardsy wrote:

Amazing stuff, as usual! Wow.

A few random and humbler feathery efforts from round my way (Ireland), just for fun:

Canon FDn 100/2.8:

Canon FDn 100/2.8:

MC Rokkor-x PG 50/1.4:

Tokina RMC 80-200/4:



Great stuff Alan. Nicely help whites on the swan mate, very nice. That Cormorant (In NZ we call them "Shag" BTW) has beautiful feather details on the back, very well defined. Herons always look strange up a tree reminds me of one of my favourite shot with one sitting in a tree looking down at me.

All the best Alan, thanks for the comments and shots. You are Irish, I never knew that mate, great to know. Always love to see more when you can.


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Thanks very much Danny. I don't do a lot of birding or have very long glass (or the time and patience!). But I must capture the cormorants/shags in flight doing their "river patrol" some time, wings almost skimming the surface, plus their great wing-drying pose, where they look like some horror movie vampire bat. Herons in flight are fantastic too, like Jack Scholl's egret; must try to catch them too.

Will post them here if I ever get lucky. I post random stuff more often over at the Fredmiranda Nex-legacy forum, some beautiful stuff there, very inspiring for an amateur like me! I'm sure they'd love your birds.

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