Flash Bracketing and Blending

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Re: Flash Bracketing and Blending

if the colour of the background light or the colour of secular light was an issue i'd just gel the flash.

here's and article that seems well written on the subject.  I carry little slips like thes ones there in my flash cases for my SLR. 3 orange and 3 greens  and a blue one is all I've used.  Hmmm. thinking now there might be enough there to clip some off for the little NEX flash I have. I't quick as soon as you spot the problem you can apply the gel and take another shot. I've always tried to get it right in the camera first.

You are right though if you have many sources of different light you could try and balance them out with multiple exposures and an editor (shoot raw this will make it easier) But I think this would make the scene unnatural looking like if you have a mix of tungsten florescent and flash light in a scene it might look better kike that than than trying to balance them all.


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