Still struggling with my SSD installation, Help!

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Re: Still struggling with my SSD installation, Help!

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Well.. if the latest drivers don't work, you may want to try an older version, as I have seen previous comments that 1.7.53 worked with AHCI, as mentioned before:

If it does not show up in the list with AHCI enabled in BIOS, then the driver doesn't work that way (and you may need to use an older driver version instead). For example, as mentioned in this post, I've seen comments that 1.7.53 works with AHCI. But, I'd try the latest first:

Or, as Peter mentioned, try shuffling your drives around on the Intel ports. It's my understanding that Ports 5 and 6 can't be used for boot if you have an existing RAID 10 array using Ports 1 through 4. That's the main reason I was steering you towards using a JMicron port instead.

But, you may be able to shuffle your RAID10 config to other ports to free up Intel Port 1 (making note of your BIOS settings so you can change the settings for RAID use on other ports and fall back to the original config if needed).

You'd have to try it to see if that would work or not (allowing your SSD on port 1, with the RAID10 drives on following ports).

Or, as mentioned, buy a cheap SATA III controller card for the SSD, as that would give you much faster throughput anyway (since all of the ports on your existing Motherboard are slower SATA II Ports, meaning your SSD will probably max out at around 279MB/Second, whereas a SATA III port would give you much faster speeds). Note this post about going that route:

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I put this Bad Boy to Bed, took it to Micro Center and said, you install it and by the way, re-install my Raid 10 on my HDD's!:)  Life's Too Short! Don't need the  Aggravation, I was willing to give it a Try, So, I tried!!:)

Thank  you again and again and again.................! Take care of yourself! That comes First!!!

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