Which APS-C Alpha to buy?

Started Feb 20, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Which APS-C Alpha to buy?

Sonyshine wrote:

Hey me to big Sony Fanboy - yeah really!


Lower ISO

Only 50i video

Plastic lens mount

Cheap LCD tilt only screen

I could go on...

Its no use Sony bribing us with a nice shiny new sensor and then robbing us elsewhere.

We may be fanboys with a large collection of A mount lenses but we ain't fools....

Nah.  I don't see it.

Plastic lens mount?  Dont care.  Practically every Canon has its lens mount secured to plastic.  Its a non issue.

Cheap LCD screen?  Dont care.  And I prefer the tilt mechanism to the A57 and A65.

These don't seem like big issues to me.  A58's Better EVF,  better AF and a new sensor more than compensate.

And its cheap.  Really cheap.

I think its churlish to grumble really.

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