First impressions from the S2

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I know that the crop factor can be used to gives you equivalence in terms of field of view and focal length, but I am not sure you can apply it directly to the DOF calculations...

Anyway, I used the dof tables published by Leica on their website, so "calculated" was the wrong word. I "compared" the tables is the correct expression.

Thanks, D

macjonny1 wrote:

Not sure where you are getting your crop calculations. The Leica S has a .8 crop factor difference, or in other words to get an equivalent DOF you would multiply the FF camera by 1.25.

So, your 50mm f/1.4 Summilux would be equivalent IN TERMS OF DOF to a 62.5mm f/1.75 Leica S lens.

Going backwards, Your 70mm f/2.8 Leica S lens would be equivalent IN TERMS OF DOF to a 56mm f/2.24.

No need to approximate, you can get exact values from sensor comparison size.

It gives you an equivalence in terms of what the DOF would be. We do it all the time for m43 cameras where the crop factor is 2. Here's an example from m43 camera:

75mm f/1.8 Zukio m43 camera would give the same DOF as a 150mm f/3.6 lens

This does not mean it acts like a f/3.6 lens in terms of light performance and such it just gives what the DOF effect would be. Ratio remains constant when converting.

OK I will check what you said, but are you suggesting that Leica has published the wrong information?

The assumption of the "equivalence" comparison I believe is that, in the example above with the 75mm mZD, one would be framing the shot the same, standing at a more distant location hence the total Depth of Field would be closer to what one would get using a 150mm lens at f3.6 on a "Full Frame" camera. There are a lot of conditionals in the "equivalence" discussion that never get stated. At any rate, I would definitely be inclined to trust the Leica tables.

It's really not all that complicated.  It's why you will never be able to match the super shallow DOF of a fast FF prime with a m43 prime.  Do you have a link to these "tables"?

It's why people spend $$$$$$ of dollars on these long tele FF primes like a 300 f/2.8 for a Canon or Nikon.  Olympus will never be able to produce the subject isolation that you can get with a 300mm FF prime for example as they aren't going to have a 150mm f/1.4 EVER.

Don't think that that .8 crop on the Leica S2 is going to be THAT different than a FF camera the sensor isn't that much bigger.  It's a .8 is what it is.  I don't know what these "tables" say but it's the same old discussion you get when you compare FF to APS-C or m43.  It is what it is.  Not good.  Not bad.  It is what it is.

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