setting up flash/camera combination in office

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Re: setting up flash/camera combination in office

Barrie Davis wrote:

Shirvington wrote:


I have a question regarding basic lighting in my office. I am a physician and take photos of patients for documentation and web posting. I currently have consumer sony camera with built in flash which I have to modify (color) on photoshop if I wish to post. I would like to have a better set up without tons of equipment and to keep it simple as I am only an ameteur and don't want to constantly modify my coloring. I have a room measuring about 9-10 feet in depth with k6500 (natural sunlight) flourescent overhead lighting. I was originally going to set up two umbrella flash units synced with my camera but was told this would not work well as the camera is unable to regulate the external flash variations. so it was suggested that I get a different camera (Nikon P7700) with a hot-shoe with a slave and two remote flashes that are synced; the other option being the use of continuous lilghting. This all started when I went to order the einchrom d-lite system. I would appreciate any thoughts. thanks

My thoughts are these...

Why are you taking photographs as an untrained amateur, when there are fully qualified medical photographers around to undertake these tasks?

Is your proposed photography even allowed, ethically, by your professional qualifying organisation?

I'm assuming that the organisation concerned DOES NOT permit amatuer medical practice by people trained only in photography?

If photographic documentation of cases is considered a legitimate and necessary part of your medical practise, as recognised by your qualifiying organisation, why was this specific photographic requirement ommited from your training?

Those are my thoughts.

I'd presume he has a clinical purpose for doing it.  And I'm sure that after all his training, he's more than capable of learning to use a single setup using a simple camera.  I don't know why he would hire someone to come in at a moment's notice possibly several times a day just to do that.

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