Just one version of Windows 8?

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Re: Just one version of Windows 8?

dradam wrote:

KAllen wrote:

Just to rub salt into the wound, as if I did not think W8 was the worse piece of software I've ever used.

The one program it has to run, the only job I've asked of it ever, the program it's been running for a week. Well today it's decided it's not compatible, all the other days it was compatible now it's not.

Total utter {rap, I've got an old Amiga somewhere that was better than this.

I can't believe anyone rates this pile of poo as good.

So, what you are saying is that you think Microsoft just released an operating system that you literally cannot use and that you suspect that this is actually a weakness of the operating system, and not you? You honestly think that a major corporation would release their biggest product in a form that is simply broken beyond repair? And do you perhaps believe that all of us that are able to muddle through with Windows 8 are, perhaps, wizards?

You clearly have either a poor installation or are so determined not to like this thing that you are purposefully refusing to learn how to use it (you surely should have picked up the basics by now). I can understand not liking specific aspects of 8 (there are some I'm not too fond of) but to have all the issues you are having requires an effort on your part.

Right so I should of taken time to learn that you can't leave it alone, it can not be set up to do a job without reminding it what it is you asked it to do.

I'll make a note of that, don't trust it to do a job, thanks. It just help confirm what I think of it.

I don't wish to like it or dislike it, I did not spend money on it to trash it, I bought it to do a job. It did it for a while then decided all by itself it's beyond it's capability.

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