Boreal birds, birders, bokeh and FF vs 4/3.

Started Feb 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Boreal birds, birders, bokeh and FF vs 4/3.

Nice shots of course.  I have to agree with some of your thoughts about the viability of the 4/3 system and it's advantages vs disadvantages.

Oly simply blew it, and I think it's about over.  I don't see them pouring any more money into 4/3.  All we can hope for now is that the new camera they keep hinting at will actually come and when it does it will be able to utilize the wonderful 4/3 lenses.  If it's a m4/3 body, then that means we'll have to use an adaptor, and that troubles me...just one more damn thing to cause problems.  If it really is a true 4/3 body, then the wait may have been worth while.  I still think 4/3 had/has the potential to be one of the best camera systems ever.  Regardless of which camera body we eventually get, I think development of 4/3 is history...what you now have is all you'll ever have most likely.

Hope I'm wrong of course, but this is the conclusion I've reached.

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