Can anyone recommend a DAM with a centralized database

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Re: Can anyone recommend a DAM with a centralized database

digital ed wrote:

Seriously consider Extensis Portfolio. I use it for all forms of assets to be managed. This is a general DAM that is also extremely useful for photos. The link is for the server version.

Extensis Portfolio

LightRoom will fall apart in your application with a central DB used by remote users.

Hi ed,

I don't want to use LR as a central DB, I know it will mess up , I only intend to use it or something similar to it for the tethered camera on the front end.  Most of the metadata tagging will be done later on.  Like I said, if Picasa could sync to our server instead of the web, that would be great for our use.

We may have more than 3 users accessing it.  is it all web based or does it limit it to 3 desktop client installs? We'd have 20+ people occasionally accessing it, and then we'd typically have one of the two cameras always on as we take photos regularly through the day (so preferably always accessing extensis).  That would leave two users access privileges?

I guess I'll try installing on my home computer and calling their sales team to find out more.

thanks for your input

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