Pocket Wizards dont fir consistently

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Re: Pocket Wizards dont fir consistently

xuser wrote:

I am starting to believe, at least in my case, that the issue is related to the MiniTT1 going into sleep mode and not being waked up by half-pressing the shutter button. Maybe related to the D600.

Yesterday I shoot for 15 minutes continuously without any misfire. I'll keep testing to see if I can reproduce the issue 100%.

TTL seems to work fine on the D600, but maximum supported sync-speed is 160. At 200 I start getting black banding.

I think this matches what I'm seeing now with more experimentation..  I seem to be able to get things working again by just cycling power on the MiniTT1 and the camera without having to cycle power on FlexTT5 and the strobes.  Once I get a misfire though, it will never fire again until I go through this reset procedure.  It does seem the miniTT1 goes to sleep after a brief pause in shooting and then never wakes up no matter what.

When I get back home I'm going to try using one of my two FlexTT5 s on the camera instead of the miniTT1 and see if that works more consistently.  Perhaps the solution is to just ditch the mini.

I have also seen the mini eats batteries pretty fast, but I dont think that explains this particular problem.  At this point though I can't rule out anything.


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