Girl's Basketball--last game of the season

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Re: Girl's Basketball--last game of the season


Honestly.. some of your earlier efforts are better than what you have posted here.

Since you shoot with a Sony as with me.. hopefully I can save you some money.

If you plan to shoot with Sony DSLR for indoor sports, you will be constantly disappointed with the slow focus.  You need to accept that fact or make a break now to Canon or Nikon.

If you stick with Sony.. I can safely say, I've made virtually all the hard decision/mistakes for you.

Since the price of Canon 7D hasn't broke the $1k barrier, I decided to stick with Sony for now.. plus the more I shoot, the more I want to try something other than sports.  And Sony DSLRs are perfectly fine in all other areas.

In the last three months.. I have picked up two Tokina F/2.8 lens, one Sigma F/2.8-3.5 lens, and a Sony A700 body to go along with my Sony A100 and A550.

In the three different gyms that I shot in, the F/2.8 lenses didn't cut it!.  So to pin your hope of getting better sports action indoor images with a purchase of f/2.8 lens to go along with your Sony A57. you surely will be disappointed.

If you have $175 to spare.. there is a Sigma 75-200 f/2.8-3.5 lens on E-Bay right now that the seller say will auto focus with the Sony DSLT cameras but not DSLR cameras.  Buy It NOW.

Work Around.

1)  Stick with your Minolta F/1.7 50mm lens and shoot in MANUAL FOCUS exclusively.  Better yet, spend an additional $150 or so and get the newer Sony version F/1.8 because it has a better/wider manual focus ring.

2)  With the 50mm when mated to a Sony A700 12mps camera body, the maximum distance of coverage with reasonable cropping is roughly 20 feet.  So if you stand 8 to 10' behind the baseline under the basket, you coverage area will be just a few feet inside the free throw line -- perfect for a player driving in for a layup.. and arm and torso shot of players rebounding under the basket.

3)  Spend some money and pick up a premium compact camera with a fast lens.. Samsung EX-1, Panasonc LX-5/7, Canon S100,  Fuji X10 to go along with you DSLR.  You will be pleasantly surprised how many off the court actions shots you can add to your photo set.

I have a Samsung EX-1 (not the best JPG capable camera, but has excellent indoor AWB results)

PIC 1...No bokeh, but that doesn't bother me one bit.  Sometimes the P&S DOF works in your favor as it is more forgiving in focus accuracy.

PIC 2...Capable of capturing action shots even though the max FPS is a dismal 1.5 tops.  Shot in landscape mode and cropped.

Here is the most important aspect of having a premium compact P&S that is often overlook. Being discrete.

With a fast lens (F/1.4-2.4 and 24-90mm range), the folks who you are talking pictures are more accepting than if you were to stick your big DSLR in their faces.

And finally, now that indoor sports season is pretty much over after BB, outdoor sports shooting generally don't require a f/2.8 lens.  A huge lens zoom and fast FPS camera body work great.

And not withstanding.. I often go back to my Sony A100 and try to improve my images with added embellishments.   It forces me to learn more features of my post processing software.  In my case.. it is Corel PaintShop Pro X2.

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