XS-1 vs FZ200 informal test...

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AndyW17 wrote:

Guys - stop. This could be a useful discussion.

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Appalling, isn't it?  Like trying to have a constructive conversation in the middle of a drunken brawl.

Actually, it's just one very large, very diverse, very dysfunctional family -- loaded with talent, wisdom, humor, occasional grace, even compassion.  And yes, at times some participants can sink into pettiness, even meanness. But for all the nonsense, there's no shortage of good sense.

Maybe it was inevitable. Fuji isn't your average camera company making your average cameras. It seems to succumb to all manner of human frailty: haste, whimsy, ambition, carelessness, sloppiness.  It has big dreams and dares to try to realize them.  Often, we're appalled by the results.  But sometimes, they can be almost sublime.

Such a company, making such products, just has to attract a diverse and passionate following.  And here it is -- with all its warts -- for all to see, learn from, quarrel with, and, yes, to come back to.

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