Sony RX1 vs. Fuji X-E1?

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Re: Sony RX1 vs. Fuji X-E1?

bdy wrote:

I only have the 35mm lens for the Fuji. I really like that lens. It is very sharp and excellent for low light indoor photography. Occasionally I prefer a wider view though. For the Olympus, I have the 20mm, 25mm, and 45mm lenses. They are all excellent lenses to me in terms of sharpness and low light indoor photos, with the 25mm being the best since it provides a wider view and focuses very quickly. The 20mm is a little slower to focus, more like the Fuji. I have not used the 45mm much as it provides such a zoomed in view, which is often problematic indoors with my girls moving around quite a bit.

My advice would be to try out both the Olympus and the Fuji cameras to see which you prefer. I think if you shoot with them for a few days or maybe a week, you will know which you want to keep. It is possible that the slower focusing of the Fuji could drive you nuts. If not, you may find that you prefer its images to the Olympus. Hard to go wrong with either as long as you realize you will need to wait until your kids are still for a second when you actually take your shot, more so for the Fuji.

One other point on this - the new Olympus 17mm f1.8 would more directly match the focal length the OP has with the RX1 and is very fast to AF - notably faster than the 20, possibly slightly faster than the 25 or 45, but frankly once you're in that territory, the differences are too small to notice. I too have an OMD and an X-Pro and I love the X-Pro for many things, but when I need fast AF, I always pick up the OMD. I find it significantly better even in low light, although no camera is perfect when it gets REALLY low, the OMD's tolerances with the fast AF lenses are much higher than with the Fuji and, presumably, the Sony.


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