Epson 3880 Driver vs. On-Printer paper settings.

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Epson 3880 Driver vs. On-Printer paper settings.

Feeling  a little foolish for not looking into this earlier.  I have my Epson 3880 about  a year, getting mostly good results, but now am wondering if I've actually been using the paper settings I think I'm using.

I print from Lightroom, occasionally from Photoshop, and control the printer through the Epson driver--never made print settings directly on the printer.  Recently, I  noticed that my printer LCD displayed "Paper No.1" of the  "CUSTOM PAPER" group. Exploring that a bit revealed 11 options mysteriously  labeled "Standard" and "Paper No.1" through "Paper No.10".  These options specify things like platen gap, drying time, and other details --  details I usually select as a group by simply choosing a paper type in the driver.

So my first question is  why and when would anyone use these on-printer options instead of doing it through the driver?

Secondly, which prevails, driver or on-printer choices?  I don't see options to disable driver settings on the printer, or to disable printer settings in the driver.

Finally, does the LCD of the on-board controller possibly show my current and previous driver paper-selections, or were they factory programmed?  I'm wondering because I never entered all those Paper No.1, etc. values at the printer, and I never intentionally selected Paper No.1.

Incidentally, I changed the "Paper No.1" selection to "Standard" from the CUSTOM PAPER group, since that was devoid of preset values.

Running Windows 7, if that matters.

Appreciate comments from Epson users.


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