Istanbul Street Candids

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Re: Istanbul Street Candids

Hi greg57

The images titled: Presence, Unfair, Dreamy, Hair in the wind and Sideway threat are my favourites from the first 2 pages on your blog.

In fact sideway threat looks right out the book of one of the greats. I bet your pulse quickened when you saw that coming?...and if she was on the other side of a busy street you'd risk running through moving traffic to get an opportunity to get something. Maybe her features are common for that part of the world but from this side of the pond let me say; she looks very interesting and you nailed it.

The ones after these fall off the edge in comparison (imo), and i suspect you know that. Your best is as-good-as-it-gets and the series a knockout.

In regards to PP I think you got the balance right in 'dreamy' but were heavy handed in peter pan. I accept PP helps with the facade and keeps the viewers perceptions just where we want it, and what i'm saying here is; when it doesn't work the strings holding up that beautiful lie can be seen.

The elements that appear present in peter pan are great but it feels like you were caught out in the wrong position as things unfolded or, things just never fell into place or, it might just be the crop i don't like. If you like it as it is please ignore my little rant.

Love your work.


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