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camerashy wrote:

Is there any way that I would be able to do profiles for my Son in Law as I see the Color Munki profile charts are different and probably not as detailed as the ones I have used in the past when others have done profiles for me.

I assume you are referring to the test charts produced by ColorMunki when you are talking about the profile charts.

The second test chart produced by ColorMunki is different each time and calculated based on the readings from the first test chart. At least this is my finding after creating the same profile twice. Anyway, this implies that you cannot just have your son in law print a standard test chart and mail it to you for profiling. I'm not sure whether there are some other programs available that allow this (and include support the ColorMunki spectrophotometer), but at least it's not possible with ColorMunki's own software.

I think the easiest solution was pointed out by the other poster above: install the software on your son in law's computer, and create the profiles in a normal manner on his computer.

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